Working From Home | How To Ensure Your Home Is A Comfortable Place To Work

So, working from home has become the new normal and, rather than being a minority group. This way of working, which we may have evolved to over time, has been thrust upon us in a very short space of time, borne out of necessity for the sake of our health.

But many of our homes are not properly set up for home working, so how can we improve our home working area? With some clever thinking and considered improvements, you can ensure a work-life balance within your home. Here are some things to consider when working from home:

Keep comfortable

Setting up camp on the sofa won’t do for whole days working from home. Whilst you need to be comfortable, productivity shouldn’t be compromised. Tempting as it may be, curling up in your PJs with your laptop will inevitably lead to a slowing down of output and concentration lapses. Instead, try to find a quiet area or corner of a room where you can have a proper desk. Many ingenious space-saving pieces exist which squeeze into the smallest of gaps and include a desktop, shelves and drawers. Some can also be hidden away at the end of the day with shutters.

The kitchen table may be your only feasible option in which case, ensure you are sitting comfortably. A suitable chair which allows for good posture which is essential. Many designs of desk chairs are available, from ergonomic kneeling chairs which are designed to strengthen muscles and improve posture, through to those providing support for multiple parts of the body.

Make sure you’re at a comfortable temperature. Along with ensuring your central heating is in good working order and regularly serviced, consider replacing draughty windows and doors. Benchmark make energy-efficient double or triple glazed windows in a wide choice of styles and materials suitable for all ages of property.

Consider the look of your workspace too. Introduce colours you find calming, perhaps with a chair cushion, noticeboard or desk accessories. House plants are an excellent way to add a calming vibe, as well as absorbing toxins and producing oxygen.

Create space

Perhaps you have a spare room in your house which can be your designated office. But for those who haven’t, adding an extension onto your home can be the ideal solution. Along with being an investment and adding value to your property, you reap the practical lifestyle benefits of having extra space. Adding another room will undoubtedly improve the organisation of your living spaces and in turn, allow for greater productivity when working. Benchmark offer energy-efficient conservatories, garden rooms and orangeries. Available in traditional and modern styles, these can be an excellent option for extending your home.

Looking after mind as well as body

When it comes to the workspace itself, clean and tidy is the aim. Feeling in control of your desk and keeping organised and uncluttered helps to keep stress down and your mind calm. Whilst the benefits of home working are acknowledged, the lines are blurring between our work and personal lives and it is essential to look after our mental health.

Tips for working from home effectively:

  • Ensure you take regular screen breaks. Get up and move. Don’t sit slumped over your keyboard for hours without a break. Your productivity will crash.
  • Establish a routine. However many hours you worked before, stick to them. Try to find a rhythm in your day by starting with a particular activity. Perhaps a favourite coffee or maybe some exercise such as yoga or a run. These activities will be the trigger to ensure you start work at a set time. Be disciplined in scheduling in your breaks and finally, wrap up your day at a specific time. Don’t be tempted to check your inbox after hours. By following a routine, you will develop habits and find it easier to manage working from home.
  • Setting boundaries is essential if you are to do your job to the best of your ability. Ensure family members know when you are working and encourage them to wait until your next break before interrupting you.

Home improvements not only increase your property’s value and enhance your lifestyle, but they can also now benefit your working life too. Benchmark’s expert team can guide you through your desired improvements. Whether it’s just a new front door or a full garden room, our quality products will make your home a stylish, practical and comfortable place to live and work. Get in touch with a member of our team today for more information.

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