Lipped Casement Windows

Lipped Casement Window Specialists

Here at Benchmark Windows we understand how much of a vital‌ ‌role windows have in a home, not only do they need to provide protection from the elements but also need to look stylish as well. That is why we have a wide variety of lipped casement windows that are available in PVC-U, Timber and Aluminium and all incorporate modern engineering for modern, traditional or contemporary mouldings; so there is a style to suit all your needs.

Lipped casement windows are a very popular window design and include a casement that slightly overlaps the face of the frame when closed which may offer additional protection against the weather in areas of extreme exposure. They are also known as “stormproof” windows and are highly effective when it comes to excluding draughts and moisture.

Although you will see that they are visually different from our Flush Casement windows, they have the same advanced technology and are available in a bespoke range of sizes and colours.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Warp Resistant
  • Double or Triple Glazing
  • Low Maintenance
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Whatever type of property you have, contemporary or traditional, lipped casement windows, although simple in design will add sophistication and charm to your home. As they offer supreme protection from the elements, they are particularly suitable for very exposed areas.

Visit our Showroom in Lancing, West Sussex near to Brighton and Worthing to view our Lipped Casement Windows and our range of Doors. To discuss installation, please call us on 01903756699 and speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team.

With a state of the art showroom in Lancing and no doubt another quality installation near to you already, we hope that you will consider us for your project.