Why a conservatory makes an excellent home office

Conservatory ideas for your home

It makes sense for more of us to work from home. Commuting is time-consuming, expensive and harmful to the environment. Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, many have been left with no option but to work from home and, in doing so, bosses have realised that employees work very effectively remotely. Sometimes workers are even more productive when they are not distracted by colleagues. To make remote working more efficient, it’s important to create a comfortable work from home office space. A spare bedroom is a great option, but if you haven’t got empty rooms, where else can you set up a dedicated work area? The answer could be a conservatory home office. Conservatories can be built quite quickly and usually don’t need planning permission. Plus they can add value to a property as the extra room is very flexible.

The benefits of natural light in the workplace

A conservatory home office makes a lovely working space. As the rooms are made mostly of glass, natural light floods the area making reading and note-taking easier. You’ll also find that natural light is much more flattering on camera, which is perfect for those all-important Zoom calls. Not to mention that it has been proven that natural light can lift your mood, improving productivity and overall wellbeing.

A calm and peaceful atmosphere

With a conservatory home office that overlooks your garden, you can have a remote working haven. Watch birds, flowers, and trees as you answer telephone calls. Your outside space doesn’t have to be large for you to enjoy nature – a couple of planters or a hanging basket is all that’s required. As they are usually located at the back or side of your house, a conservatory will often be quieter than at the front. Most conservatories have a door that will close you off from the distractions of home, like the TV or the noise of other family members or pets. To help keep you focussed, you could ban television, magazines, and hobbies from the room to stop your mind from wandering. Be creative with your conservatory home office ideas and make it your own.

Inexpensive work from home office ideas

If you know that remote working will be part of your life for many years, or plan to make this happen, you’ll need a separate area that is a dedicated workspace. Somewhere to leave all your paperwork and a place where you can use the phone in peace. Having an extension built would be one option, but a conservatory gives you all the same benefits at a lower price. The construction is far quicker too. Work from home fixtures can be easily added to a conservatory, things like power points, a wi-fi router, changeable lighting, and heating. Not to mention that, if you need a separate entrance, maybe somewhere to take clients that doesn’t involve walking them through the rest of the home, then a conservatory double door is easily accessible via a garden path.

Working With A Reputable Installation Company

Here at Benchmark Windows, we pride ourselves on installing top-quality conservatories. All of our products are well insulated to ensure year-round use, which is essential for working from home. With so many choices of style, size and layout available, we are bound to be able to provide the perfect conservatory for your home. 

Speak to a member of our team today to find out more about our home office conservatory ideas. Give us a call on 01903 334819.

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