Securing your home: the importance of secure windows and doors

One of our most frequently asked questions is: ‘what are the most secure front doors and windows available?’. In this blog, we’ll look at the best window and door options to keep your home safe and secure.

Understanding home security – how to secure doors and windows from burglars

According to data published by the Office for National Statistics, it was estimated that in 2022 there were 271,519 burglaries. That works out as 744 per day or one burglary every 116 seconds.

With this deeply concerning figure in mind, we turn our thoughts to home security and the key role played by windows and doors.

It goes without saying that it is better to take proactive measures – to avoid burglary or break-in – before an incident occurs.

Home security involves various layers, from deterrence to detection and response. Secure windows and doors play a critical role in each layer of security, as robust and high-quality doors and windows deter potential intruders while also defending your home.

In addition to sturdy windows and doors, you should also consider integrating the following features as part of your home security strategy:

  • Motion-activated security alarms
  • Remote monitoring via smart home security systems
  • Outdoor lighting – timer or motion-activated
  • CCTV and security cameras

What are the most secure house windows?

There are a number of features that can help to make your windows more secure, including:

  • Laminated or tempered glass
  • Security films
  • Reinforced glass
  • Reinforced window frames, made from fibreglass or steel
  • Robust locks
  • Security mechanisms such as multi-point locking systems

If security is of concern, including these design elements should help to defend your property against forced entry. In addition, you should ensure that window frames are securely fitted by a professional to prevent them from being prised open easily.

What are the most secure exterior doors?

There are some common weaknesses in standard doors and – unfortunately – opportunistic intruders and burglars will often target doors as obvious entry points to your home.

Solid doors offer various security benefits. Solid doors are made of materials like steel, composite or solid wood whereas you should avoid glazed or hollow-core doors, as they are easier to break through.

In addition to material and construction, the following features can also enhance door security:

  • High-quality deadbolt locks
  • Smart locks for added convenience and security
  • Reinforced frames and jambs with metal plates that prevent doors from being kicked in

Choosing the right windows and doors for your home

It is important to evaluate your lifestyle and your home’s specific security requirements. Factors to consider include:

  • Location – rural vs. urban
  • Neighbourhood safety and local crime levels
  • Home design – the size of windows, if it has ground floor access or security gates and whether there are communal areas (e.g. in an apartment block)
  • Home contents and valuables
  • Home-based businesses – associated equipment or data
  • Personal security preferences – do you need reassurance
  • Frequent work or leisure travel – are you regularly required to leave the property unattended?

Call the experts in secure windows and doors

As well as choosing safe and secure windows and doors, it is also essential that you have them professionally installed. Here at Benchmark Windows, we are accredited members of the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsmen Scheme (DGCOS). Our installations come with peace of mind guaranteed for at least ten years.

We have teamed up with a local waste recycling company that recycles over 90% of the waste created by our installations. In fact, less than 3% of the waste we generate goes to landfill.

As well as choosing a reliable supplier and installer, you should also schedule regular maintenance checks to ensure that your windows and doors are working properly and are in optimal condition.

Wondering what are the most secure front doors and windows for your home?

We understand that your home’s security is a high priority and your windows and doors play a significant role in this. Investing in high-quality windows and doors is a practical way to enhance the security of your home and give you peace of mind.

If you’re wondering how to secure doors and windows from burglars, or you’d simply like to learn more about our products, contact our knowledgeable team for expert advice and recommendations.

Call us today on 01903 756699 or send us a message here. Alternatively, please visit our spacious West Sussex showroom at Lancing Business Park to view our extensive product range in person. We look forward to hearing from you.

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