The Advantages Of Double Glazing

Here at Benchmark Windows, not only are we experts at installing bespoke windows and doors, but we also understand the benefits behind maintaining them and updating them when necessary. When choosing glazing for your windows, there are a variety of options that can help to maintain the aesthetic of your home but also provide you with multiple additional benefits. 

Building Regulations now state that all new homes are required to have double glazing. In a recent study, 70.8 percent of houses had full double glazing in 2008, which is now found to have increased to 86.7 percent of houses having full double glazing in 2020.

So, what exactly are the benefits of double glazing and why should you make sure your home has it? We’ve put together the advantages of choosing to update your traditional glazing to double glazing and some of the ways that our team of specialists can help you.

Better Insulation

As double glazing is made from two panes of glass, it provides excellent insulation. If, as the colder months come around, you always reach for the central heating, maybe it’s time to update your windows. As the double glazing provides a strong protective barrier from the outside, heat won’t be able to escape once your home has warmed up. During the warmer months, your double-glazed windows will keep the heat outside.

Increased Security

One of the biggest advantages of double glazed windows is the fact that they are highly secure. Double-glazed windows are more secure than traditional, single glazing because they are tougher. The way the units are sealed makes them much harder to break, meaning that your home will be more secure and you have that extra peace of mind. You may also decide to choose laminated or toughened glass, which will also increase security. 

Noise Reduction

Traditional windows with single glazing allow sound waves to easily pass through them. Living in a noisy neighbourhood can disturb your sleep and make it difficult for you to concentrate on the important things you need to do throughout the day. 

One benefit of double glazing is that you don’t have to worry about noise coming in or going out. It will protect you from the noise of ongoing traffic or people passing by. This is especially important if you live in a city or near an airport where noise is a regular occurrence. Double-glazed windows also offer an additional layer of privacy and security, preventing neighbours or passers-by from hearing the discussions within your own home so clearly.

Reducing Condensation

Condensation is a common issue in homes with windows that are without double glazing and aren’t properly maintained. It is especially common during the winter months, when water vapour in the air builds up on cold surfaces, or when there is too much humidity in your home. Water droplets will ‌form on your glass. Although water droplets look harmless, they can lead to issues like dampness and mould. Not only is this unpleasant to look at, but mould can cause health repercussions too. Double-glazed windows have an airtight seal between the panes which prevents condensation from forming. Reducing levels of condensation helps to avoid the repair costs that mould and water damage are likely to bring.

Lower Energy Bills & Eco-Friendly

Double glazing helps to keep heat inside your home and keep it cool during the summer, meaning it reduces energy consumption. This makes double glazing an environmentally friendly choice. Not only will you be saving money on energy bills, you will also reduce your impact on the environment.

Easy To Maintain

Double-glazed windows are not as complicated to maintain as you might think. Ensure that you clean the windows regularly and wipe away any condensation or dust as you would any other window. When maintained this way, double-glazed windows can last for years to come.

To learn more about the benefits of double-glazed window installations and how our specialists can help transform your home, click here.

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