What are the telltale signs your double glazing needs replacing?

As a leading glazing supplier, we are often asked how to tell if double glazing needs replacing. The life span of double-glazed windows is typically between 15-20 years but this can be impacted by window quality, installation, maintenance, and other factors such as weather conditions.

In this article, we will provide some useful pointers to help you decide when to replace double glazing and offer guidance on the next steps.

The 6 major signs your double glazing needs replacing

If you’re wondering how to tell if double glazing needs replacing then this quick checklist should help.

On inspecting your double glazing, is there:

condensation on a glass window. signs that your double glazing needs replacing.

  1. Condensation between panes – foggy or mistiness indicates that the seal has failed. If this has happened then the inert gas that sits between the two panes will have escaped and been replaced with moist air. This means that the window’s ability to retain heat is compromised. The condensation and lack of clarity are also quite unsightly, so we would always recommend replacing blown double glazing.
  2. Rot or major cracks – any significant areas of rot or large cracks leave your property at risk of mould or damp ingress.
  3. Leaks – if the seal around the frame has worn away then you might notice that your window begins to leak. If the leak is large then we would recommend that you consider replacing double glazing units.
  4. Draughts – if the window seal has failed, cold air will make its way into your home. This also means that heat will make its way out. Replacing window seals is possible but it is not an ideal solution.
  5. Noise – if there’s too much environmental noise coming into your home then it is recommended that you replace your windows.
  6. Difficulty opening and closing – sometimes this issue can be due to faulty hardware but it could also be symptomatic of a bigger problem with your window’s integrity.

Although a little bit of wear and tear is to be expected over time, if the function and performance of your glass, frames or fastening/locks is compromised then these are some of the telltale signs your double glazing needs replacing.

While a repair may seem more appealing than a replacement, if your windows are approaching the 15 to 20 year mark then it is unlikely to be a cost-effective solution.

If you are still unsure of how to tell if double glazing needs replacing then contact a friendly member of our team for advice.

The benefits of replacing blown double glazing

Replacing double glazing can bring a number of benefits to your home:

  1. Boosting Efficiency
    High-performance glazing is more energy efficient – your windows will reduce heat loss, which decreases your energy bills and lowers your carbon footprint.
  2. Enhanced Soundproofing
    If your property is impacted by traffic, neighbourhood noise or other sources of nuisance noise then you should consider upgrading old windows with our specialised noise reduction windows.
  3. UV Protection
    While older windows offer little protection against UV damage, most modern windows do provide the benefit – no more faded furniture or carpets.
  4. Adding Value
    As well as wondering how to tell if double glazing needs replacing, you may have thought about whether it is actually worth it. Replacing double glazing is a sound investment, both in the short and longer term. High-performance glazing helps save energy and will also improve the appeal of your property should you choose to sell.

Why Choose Benchmark Windows for Replacement Double Glazing?

double glazing windows
Here at Benchmark Windows, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of high-quality triple and double-glazed windows.
Thinking about replacing double glazing in your property? Here’s why you should choose Benchmark:

  1. Choice
    We have a broad range of options for all ages and styles of property. Our bespoke double and triple-glazed windows are available in PVC-U, aluminium, timber, replica timber, and hybrid – there is something to suit every home and budget.
  2. Aesthetic Benefits
    Our double and triple-glazed windows are stylish and will enhance the look of your property.
  3. Security and Energy Efficiency
    You will have peace of mind that your new windows are both safe and secure, and energy-efficient.
  4. Quality Products
    Visit our showroom and you will be able to see the quality of the double and triple-glazed windows we offer.
  5. Expert Installation
    Our dedicated team of double glazing specialists are quality window installers, operating throughout the South East. We are experts at ensuring every aspect of your project is dealt with in a professional and efficient manner.

Call the window experts

At Benchmark Windows, our window specialists can provide you with all the information you need, in order to make the right decision about replacing double glazing.

If you’d like to learn more about the triple and double-glazed windows we offer, please get in touch with a member of our team today on 01903 334145. Alternatively, you may wish to visit our spacious showroom in Lancing, West Sussex for expert advice and guidance. We look forward to hearing from you!

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