Old Windows Versus New Windows: The Benefits of Replacing Old Windows

One of the most appealing aspects of an old structure is that it appears to possess its very own personality. Indeed, the architecture created hundreds of years ago is difficult to duplicate in today’s modern world. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and certain parts of a home will need to be replaced over time. One of the most common examples involves windows. This is partially due to the fact that windows are highly functional. As they experience a great deal of use, it only makes sense that they will break down over time. However, maintaining extremely old windows is quite a challenge. The parts may no longer be available and as a result, it is often better to obtain a complete changeover. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of replacing old windows so you can appreciate what to expect in advance.

double glazed panes

The Problem with Single Glazing

The technology surrounding period windows was not nearly as advanced as today’s options. This is particularly the case when referring to the glazing employed. Single-glazed windows were associated with poor levels of thermal efficiency. In other words, a great deal of heat from within the home would be lost during the colder months of the year. This drives up modern energy costs and as a result, old windows can become a financial liability

New models offer double-glazed panes. Double glazing provides an effective barrier of insulation from the outside environment. As a direct result, these windows are light years ahead of older models in terms of thermal efficiency. You will, therefore, save a great deal of money in terms of heating costs.

Going Green

It is just as important to mention that old windows are not environmentally friendly due to the characteristics mentioned above. They will dramatically increase the carbon footprint of your home and this is detrimental in regards to the consumption of fossil fuels. The government of the United Kingdom has embraced countless green initiatives and many of these are focused around the installation of newer windows alongside their energy-saving benefits. If you are looking to protect the environment,  it might very well be time to replace those old windows.

Cutting-Edge Materials

One of the most striking advantages of new windows versus their dated counterparts is that a wide array of materials can be used in their construction. Some common examples include aluminium, composite substances and a plastic known as uPVC. These all offer cost-effective solutions and they are designed to last for decades. You will therefore be able to enjoy a virtually maintenance-free solution; ideal if you do not have the time or the resources to clean numerous windows on a regular basis.

Staying True to the Past

In terms of old windows vs new windows, one of the major concerns of property owners is whether the new designs are able to match the existing style of the home in question. The good news is that it is now possible to replicate styles from a specific period (such as Victorian or Georgian). Therefore, you will be able to enjoy a seamless visual appeal while still experiencing all of the amenities that modern variants have to offer. This is also a very important point to address when dealing with historic sites or listed properties, as local building regulations need to be met and approved before any type of replacement can take place.


Replacing old windows could also involve security concerns. Extremely old properties might not possess the technology needed in order to thwart burglaries and similar situations. New windows are equipped with robust features so that it is very difficult to enter a property. Those who live in areas associated with higher levels of crime should always take this amenity into account.

More Than Windows Alone

Although the majority of this article has been devoted to windows, we should also keep in mind that period-style doors will often suffer from many of the same drawbacks listed above. This is why it could be a good idea to evaluate their condition in order to determine whether an upgrade is required. The great news is that Benchmark Windows is pleased to offer a wide variety of modern doors to meet your unique needs.

Old Windows vs New Windows: The Clear Benefits

There are many clear advantages of having your old windows replaced. Get in touch with a member of the team here at Benchmark Windows today to find out more on 01903 334819.


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