With a significant increase in remote or hybrid working opportunities, making a home office has become a priority for many of us.

While finding extra space can be challenging – especially if you don’t have a spare bedroom – using a conservatory as an extension offers many benefits.

In this article, we will look at conservatory home office ideas and how to get the most from your investment.

The popularity of working from home

Even pre-pandemic, there had been a move towards working from home. The desire for a better work-life balance by avoiding the hassle of the daily commute, combined with greater flexibility – created by online cloud-based systems – and it’s easy to see why this was an appealing option.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its lockdown restrictions led to a sharp rise in the number of people working from home. Initially, many companies adapted to home working in order to protect their employees from the virus and accommodate the parental responsibilities of those who had children at home.

Once it was demonstrated that colleagues could effectively collaborate and communicate with one another, without being in the same physical space, a precedent was set. In 2022, the Office for National Statistics reported that 84% of workers who took up home-working during the pandemic intended to remain in hybrid work, even after the restrictions were lifted.

Working remotely enables workers to avoid long and costly commutes and this can lead to improved mental health and productivity. This means that making a home office that is a comfortable, professional and functional space for work has become a priority.

Benefits of using a conservatory as an extension for a home office

A dedicated workspace can help to reduce distractions and create the ideal atmosphere for productive work. In addition, when working from home, office space helps to separate your professional and personal life.

Creating a home office in a conservatory offers many benefits:

  • Natural light – Conservatories let in plenty of natural light. This is a good basis for a bright and energised workspace and can also help to improve mood and reduce eye strain.
  • Quiet and privacy – A modern double or triple-glazed conservatory ensures a quiet space in which to work efficiently and without distractions. This makes it an ideal room for focused work and taking phone or video calls. 
  • Natural surroundings – The amount of glazing means that you’ll have good views from your conservatory home office. An outside view can support good mental health and wellbeing by reducing stress levels. 
  • Separation – Having a self-contained workspace will help to define a boundary between work and home life.
  • Extra space – Making a home office in a conservatory is an ideal solution if your home is short of suitable space and you lack additional rooms.
  • Added value and versatility – A luxury conservatory is a sound investment, if you’re planning to sell your home in the future. As well as benefiting from a dedicated home office, your conservatory is a versatile space that could become a living, dining, hobby or playroom for future residents. This enhancement can make it a valuable addition to your property.

Your conservatory can be a functional and comfortable workspace that will help you to be productive and successful in your work-from-home life.

Conservatory home office ideas

Here are some working-from-home office ideas and tips for your new conservatory:

  • Plan your lighting and power sockets

There will be times when your conservatory benefits from an abundance of natural light, but it’s also necessary to install lighting for darker days or evening work. We recommend directional overhead lighting to ensure a well-lit workspace. In addition, factor in plenty of plug sockets for desk lamps and computers, as well as for charging phones or laptops.

  • Consider window treatments

While the natural light in your conservatory is appealing, there might be times when you want to minimise glare or heat. By installing window treatments – blinds, curtains or shades – you will be able to control both the light and temperature in your office space.

  • Storage solutions

Keep the visual clutter in your workspace to a minimum with a range of storage, from cabinets to boxes. A neat and tidy office is ideal for productivity and concentration – even more so if your conservatory is dual purpose and used for relaxation when you’re not working in it.

  • Make your space appealing

Greenery is aesthetically pleasing and also creates a calm environment. In addition, plants will improve the air quality in your conservatory office.

Adding decorative touches to your conservatory office will enhance the environment and make it feel more inspiring. You might add artwork or photography to the walls or some decorative items on any open shelving. If space permits, why not add in a coffee station or a mini fridge so that you have refreshments in easy reach?

These are just a few conservatory home office ideas to create a functional and comfortable workspace to meet all of your needs.

Thinking about making a home office in a conservatory?

Using a conservatory as an extension of your home could be the ideal solution for a remote workspace, while also adding value to your property.

Here at Benchmark Windows, we are proud to supply and install luxury conservatories to clients throughout the South East. Our high-quality conservatories are available in a broad range of designs to suit your home style and preferences. As well as energy-efficient conservatories, we also offer deluxe orangeries – a brick-based construction with glazed panels.

Whatever you have in mind for your new conservatory, call our friendly team on
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