Light Versus Privacy in Your New Extension

A well-planned extension to your property will increase value and give you lots of usable space. While you’re focussed on the extra room and how you’ll use it, don’t forget the incoming light and how it will fall in your home once the walls are repositioned. Gloomy interiors aren’t inviting and could leave you with areas you don’t use, which would be a terrible waste. At the same time, you don’t want rooms that give you privacy issues, so planning where to put your new windows is an important part of how to design an extension.

A Room’s Use will Affect the Privacy Factor

Privacy in your home is important if you are close to your neighbours or on a busy street. You don’t want people having a clear view into your property in the daylight, or after dark when your lights are turned on. That said, some rooms require more privacy than others so think carefully about how you’ll use the space as you design your new extension. Consider what you are regularly going to do in the room before making a final decision. A kitchen, for example, needs lots of light for cooking but usually doesn’t need much privacy. Bedrooms, on the other hand, could make do with lower levels of natural light but they require more screening from public view.

How to Bring Natural Light into Your Home

In areas where privacy isn’t an issue, larger expanses of glass will draw in the most natural light. Sliding doors or bi-folds with slim frames maximise the daylight entering the space and they provide lovely views to the outside. They are ideal for kitchens or rooms that aren’t overlooked by anyone. For side windows that can be seen by neighbours, you can either opt for obscure glass to protect your privacy or windows that are higher up and above the eye-line of those who can see in. A lovely way to allow natural light in is by utilising the space above. Roof windows, skylights or roof lanterns can flood the space below while retaining your privacy. As long as your neighbours can’t peer straight in from their upstairs windows, you get an abundance of light with no compromises. These windows are also very stylish and add a real wow factor to your property. You get a spectacular view of the sky, and at night you can stargaze without leaving the house.

Ways to Control the Temperature in an Extension

When you’re choosing the size and style of windows, consider the temperature all year around. Take note of where the sun is during the height of the summer and mention this to your window expert. They can tell you how much this will affect the heat indoors. Fitted blinds or colonial-style shutters will help you control the sunlight and temperature so you’re comfortable in the new extensions whatever the weather. Ensure your new windows have lots of openings to get plenty of ventilation when it’s warmer and you want a nice flow of air.

Tips For Maximising the Light in Your Extension

Your choice in finishes can help lighten your newly built space. An obvious tip is decorating using lighter colours on the walls – choose neutral-toned paint or wallpaper and a room is immediately brighter. If you want to have a darker sofa for practicality, add pale accessories such as off-white cushions or throws in a pastel shade. Hard flooring, such as tiles, bounces light back into the room and pale hued rugs create a spacious feeling. Mirrors on the wall will reflect daylight into the middle of the room or add pictures with brighter images and silver frames to produce a similar effect.

Choosing Windows for your Extension

Designing a new extension can be overwhelming. You want a great space that’ll make everyday living more comfortable, but you need to keep within your budget and it’s essential that you meet any building regulations and planning permission requirements. As these home improvements are a big investment, call in glazing experts Benchmark Windows when it comes to choosing the windows. They’ll help bring natural light into your home and advise you about overcoming privacy concerns too. Get in touch here.

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