Internal Bifold Doors For The Home

Bifold doors are becoming more and more popular throughout the UK. The floor to ceiling glazing floods rooms with light and, when fitted to an external wall, offers a wide view over the garden. As bifold doors can be opened across the full width of the opening, it brings the outside in creating a huge space for relaxing and entertaining in the summer. Folding doors do tend to be fitted to the back of a property, but there are other places in the home where they can be installed. They can be used as room dividers and internal openings too, in fact, they can make the most of many areas of the home with a little planning.

Divide A Room With Bespoke Internal Bifold Doors

These days, open-plan living is very popular. Families crave a spacious area where everyone can spend time together, even when they are occupied in different ways. This sounds like a dream for some homeowners, but it might not work well for everyone. Noise from the TV or washing machine could distract someone trying to work at the dining table, for example. Adding bespoke internal bifold doors could be the perfect solution. With the option to have the door fully open when the one, large space is needed, you can enjoy open-plan living when it’s called for. But for times when separate rooms would make life a little easier, it takes seconds to pull the door shut. The beauty of a bifold is that it takes up very little space so even smaller homes can incorporate them.

Separate the cooking area from the dining area, or the island from the sofa space – divide your space in a way that suits both your property and lifestyle. Fully glazed doors will retain the light in both, so you won’t be left with a dark room that feels unwelcoming. If you’ve knocked down the wall between the living room and dining room, but have sometimes regretted that decision – speak to a quality bifold door installer like the team at Benchmark Windows. They’ll talk to you about what kind of door can be fitted and the benefits of this style of opening.

Separate The Conservatory When You Need To

If you have a conservatory or orangery on the back or side of your house, you could separate it using a bifold door. When the door is folded neatly open, the conservatory will be part of the rest of the home. A perfect party space that will lead seamlessly to the garden beyond. When you want to close the door, it becomes a separate room again, but the daylight will continue to pass between the two areas when glazed doors are used.

Solid Bifold Doors

In some parts of the home, a sold door is better suited. If your downstairs cloakroom or ensuite bathroom is a little squeezed for space, a solid folding door will give you the privacy needed, but only take up half the space of a regular door. The same is true of a pantry, under-stairs cupboard or utility room. Swapping to a bifold door could free up space and make using the area much easier.

A walk-in wardrobe is a dream for many people, a place where clothes, shoes, bags and accessories can all be neatly stored away. Using a bifold opening might give you the space you need to have one built in your home. There’s always the option to have built-in wardrobes installed in a bedroom too, with folding doors giving you a little more room to move around the bed.

Different Styles Of Bifold Doors

Wherever you decide to fit folding doors, an experienced installer will be able to provide what you need. Glazed or solid, there are styles to match or blend with the existing décor in your home. Options to complement the other doors are available so the new additions don’t look out of place.

Maximising the space in your home will not only make it nicer to use, but it can add value to your property too. When a home flows more easily, it makes it more inviting.

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