How Windows And Doors Can Improve Home Security

Your home should be a place where you can relax and feel safe, but with burglaries on the rise and police resources stretched, it may be time to consider increasing your home security to ensure this feeling continues. Most burglars are opportunists; they see a place that is easy to break into and take advantage of the situation. Around one-third of intruders gain access through doors and windows that are either unlocked or have weak locks that take seconds to open. If you’re looking for ways how to improve home security, consider new double-glazed windows and doors. 

Double and triple glazing is well known for its insulating quality keeping homes warmer in the winter months and cooler in summer. But when professionally installed, they also make it very difficult for intruders to gain entry. High-security home doors and windows come with complex locking systems and glazing that’s incredibly hard to smash. Plus, new fittings improve the kerb appeal of your home at the same time.

Investing In Better Locks

The simplest way to secure your home better is to have locking systems that are easy to use but very difficult to break. At Benchmark Windows, we install the best home security doors and windows designed to keep intruders out. The doors have multi-point locks – you turn the key once, but locks engage in several points around the door. This means the door is not going to budge unless you unlock it again with the key. And it doesn’t stop at the doors – the best security for home windows is to have individual locks on every opening. 

Glazing That Is Harder To Break

Toughened glass is more difficult to smash than ordinary glass, and most modern, double-glazed windows and doors will come fitted with this stronger glazing. Having two layers of glass to break is also a deterrent because it’s noisier and takes longer to get through, putting would-be burglars off. Most burglars would prefer to pick on an easier target and avoid getting caught.

Different types of glazing can also help to increase your home security, for example, glass that is difficult to see through from the outside, such as tinted, sandblasted or obscure glass. If a burglar cannot see whether you are inside, it could put them off breaking in. It also means that potential intruders cannot see any valuables inside your property. Consider these options for any doors and windows that are downstairs and pose a security risk.

Although double glazing is difficult for intruders to break, rest assured that firefighters know how to get in should there be a fire or other crisis. They carry equipment that enables them fast entry in an emergency.

Invest In Reliable Handles

One factor that is often overlooked is the quality of the handles on your doors and windows. Cheaper, less secure handles can be snapped off, leaving the internal lock cylinder exposed and easy to open. Security handles have been designed to guard the internal locking mechanism. We have a variety of secure window and door handles available that will improve your home security.

Door Chains And Spyholes

In addition to your high-security doors and windows, further precautions can be made by adding extra details such as spyholes and door chains. These come in a choice of finishes so that they match the style of your home. Even if somebody were to be able to open the door itself, the rattle of the chain would grab your attention and slow down an intruder. 

Spyholes and door chains can also help you feel safer when opening the door to an unfamiliar face. Take a look through the spyhole first of all and then, if you see a visitor you’re not expecting or are unfamiliar with, partially open the door using a security chain. If by any chance this is an intruder trying to gain access to your property, the chain will prevent them from opening the door fully and can allow you precious extra time to make emergency calls.  

Window Sensors

An alarm system is a great deterrent and gives you a warning if someone is trying to gain entry. You don’t need a complex system installed to make a difference. The best results can be achieved by adding sensors to the easy-to-reach openings. These sensors can come as stand-alone gadgets that work extremely well. The alarm will make intruders disperse when sounded and you will be made aware that an attempted break-in occurred.

Curtains And Blinds

A simple way to add the best security for home windows is to hang curtains or blinds that obscure the view inside. Although net curtains are not so popular nowadays, they do make it harder for intruders to see who is at home. More modern blinds could be the ideal solution and they do the same job.

Get In Touch

We understand that home security is a priority and have a wealth of experience fitting replacement doors and windows with added security features. Our team is happy to offer guidance and suggestions for getting the best security from your doors and windows, no matter what style of property it is. Security solutions for modern, traditional, cottage, or period homes are available – give us a call for a no-obligation quote to put your mind at ease.

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