How Windows and Doors Can Affect The Efficiency Of Your Home

We’ve all been spending a lot more time inside our homes thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Lockdown has introduced ‘working from home’ to many of us and it’s a change that is here to stay. There are lots of benefits to remote working – for example, the daily commute is a thing of the past and you’re always available to accept parcels. But you may have noticed things about your place that have started to distract you. While you try to concentrate you are now aware of noise pollution and it’s an irritation you could do without. Weekday traffic is often busier than it is in the evening and people tend to walk past your property more regularly during daylight hours. For the first time, you are wondering how to soundproof your home so you can work more efficiently. Improving the sound level inside your property can be achieved with new windows and external doors. Changing from single-glazed fixtures to double glazing can halve the sounds that come in from the outside and offer a more tranquil atmosphere.

Block out the noise from the street with modern windows

If you’re hearing more sounds than you’d like from outside your home and want ideas of how to reduce noise pollution, start by taking a look at your windows. If they are single-glazed panels then opting for double glazing will make a noticeable difference. That’s because one pane of glass lets a lot of sound through and does little to stop vibrations. Two panes of glass with a gap in the middle, however, slow down sound waves and stops them from travelling so freely. If you have double glazing already, but it was installed many years ago, the windows might have lost their efficiency. Seals around the glazing can perish over time and allow noise to filter through and the fit might not be as snug as it should be. Replacement windows are the upgrade to consider. With modern technology, new windows are much more effective at stopping both noise and cold air.

A replacement door reduces noise pollution

Without a quality front door you will hear noise from the street outside. A new, solid door that has been fitted professional blocks sound as soon as it is closed offering instant peace and quiet. Constructed from reliable material and fitted correctly, noise is kept at bay with a modern door. If you have an entryway that leads straight into the living room, you will appreciate the reduction in noise pollution immediately. Improvements to the front door, back door and patio entrance can all help with soundproofing issues and improve the way your home looks at the same time.

Make working from home more comfortable

With remote working becoming more and more commonplace, finding a comfy place to sit at home is important. Spending hours a day in an area that is unsuitable can cause aches and pains and leave you feeling unhappy. As well as making sure you have a suitable work surface and a supportive seat, you’ll need to get the temperature right too. As you have to keep the central heating on for longer, your energy bills are likely to rise during the winter months. Replacement windows and doors will not only soundproof your home, they will assist with insulation and keep the heat in too. No more draughty corners – your home will be a sanctuary of quiet calm and warmth that is a pleasure to spend time in.

If you want to know how to reduce noise pollution in your property, Benchmark Windows have the experience to offer professional advice. A full range of top quality doors and windows is on offer, all installed professionally to bring you tranquillity at home. Get in touch here today.

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