How to personalise your front door to complement your home

The front door of your home makes a statement about who you are. It’s usually the centrepiece of the exterior and it gives visitors their first impression of who lives inside. Although most front doors are roughly the same size and shape, you can personalise your door to reflect your taste. By carefully choosing a combination of style, material, colour and door furniture you can create an entrance that sits beautifully within the exterior of your home.

Which front door is right for my home?

To give your home instant kerb appeal, the first thing to renovate is the front door. Having a new one fitted will update the property, add better security and help insulate against the cold. But choosing the best front door can be tricky. There are lots of options available and deciding on the right one can be daunting but with a little thought you can narrow the search down.

Start by measuring the door you currently have. Not all styles come in every size so this might find the right one for your home. Of course, it is sometimes possible to widen or reduce a doorway with building work if you want to completely change the entrance.

Next, decide on a style you like from the home front door designs available. If you want to keep to a style in keeping with the period of the property, you will have to do a little research. Date your home and then look for Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian or Art Deco door styles. Old photos of your street or neighbourhood can help.

You don’t have to put a traditional door onto an older home if you’re not keen on the look. A complete contrast often works well such as a modern, aluminium door on a 19th-century home. Mixing styles in this way requires a good eye so, unless you are confident in your ability, look for a winning combination you can copy. Perhaps a home in your area has something you like or a magazine image that captures the look you’re after.

Simple, classic designs are available if you want to give your home a timeless front door. These doors suit every age of home and can be personalised with your own choice of handle, knocker and letterbox. Doors such as the Colonial or 4-panel design are ideal for an ageless look.

Add a splash of colour

Personalise the colour of your front door to make an impact on the exterior. The choice on offer these days is almost limitless and ranges from the subtle to the bold.

Bright colours make the entrance pop. A door of this hue stands out from the rest and shows the world that you’re confident but don’t take yourself too seriously. Classic grey, navy blue, black or white on the other hand are elegant shades and show conservative tastes and restraint. These are also perfect if your home has a lot of other colours, such as in the glazing, brickwork or window design. Then there are the heritage colours – a popular choice for old and new properties with shades such as sage green, warm stone or soft heather. These shades give a home the feeling of warm tradition and homeliness.

Front door glazing

Glass in the front door can do many things. It can add light to the inside and make the hallway less gloomy. It also makes a home more inviting as visitors get a glimpse of the interior as they walk up to the entrance. As the homeowner, you also get to see who is knocking on your door before opening it.

If you want to add glazing, you have a large number of options to help personalise your door. You can have glass panels in the door itself, either a large piece or a couple of narrow panels divided by a solid section. Then you have the choice of side and top panels too. The glass can be transparent or obscure, and there is a range of stained-glass effects with different patterns, designs and colours to pick from. You could choose glazing that matches the windows, or something that’s a contrast.

Put your stamp on the details

Once you’ve decided which front door to have, you can personalise things further with your choice of handle, lock and knocker. Chrome, brass, wrought iron and powder-coated white are some of the finishes to consider. House numbers or names can be added in a matching material or they can be etched into the glazing. Then there’s the letterbox, do you want it along the bottom of the door or in the centre? There’s a lot to think about but if you want some guidance, call Benchmark Windows on 01903 334538, or visit our Contact Page here. With years of experience installing top-quality doors, the team will help you make the right choice.

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