In December 2021, Parliament reported that energy bills in the UK were set to rise considerably. This was due to an increase in wholesale energy costs as a result of various global events.

Since then, we have all seen how these energy price hikes have impacted households. The energy crisis is especially severe for pensioners and those on lower incomes.

According to the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, it is estimated that 7 million households across the UK have been in fuel poverty from October 2022. Fuel poverty numbers are expected to jump again in April, when the current government support package ends and the Energy Price Guarantee changes.

Energy bills have rocketed, with no sign that they will drop any time soon – fossil fuel prices are expected to remain sky high until at least 2030. With this in mind, let’s look at how to make your home energy efficient…

How can I make my home more energy efficient?

According to the independent climate and energy think tank E3G, those living in the least efficient homes will pay – on average – around £916 more per year on energy bills.

It is clear that maximising energy efficiency is absolutely key. As well as cavity and roof insulation, it is worth paying attention to doors and windows, as this is where a lot of heat can escape. Upgrading doors and replacing single-thickness windows with modern double glazing is an effective way to reduce energy wastage.

Modern double glazing will keep heat inside the home, reducing the amount of energy needed to keep it warm. This results in lower energy bills as well as a more comfortable environment to live in.

How much energy does double glazing save?

There is a strong case for investing in energy-efficient doors and windows to decrease your energy bills. Replacing single-glazed windows and upgrading to modern double-glazing can result in energy savings of up to 15% in a typical home.

High-quality double-glazed windows can reduce heat loss by up to 50% compared to single-glazed equivalents. This isn’t even taking into account the condition of the window frame, which can also be draughty and allow heat to escape.

However, the numbers can vary drastically, depending on a number of variables. Anything from location to structure, weather, and climate will have a significant effect on your home.

How to make your home energy efficient with double glazing

Double glazing is a popular solution for homeowners or landlords who are looking to improve the energy efficiency of their properties.

As the name suggests, double glazing consists of an airtight sealed frame that holds two panes of glass with a small gap between them. This creates an effective insulating layer of air that limits heat from escaping from the building.

7 more benefits of double glazing

Here at Benchmark Windows, we understand the challenges faced by households right now. We know that installing double glazing might seem like a considerable investment – and it is. But, as well as saving money by reducing energy wastage and usage in the long-term, there are many other benefits to installing double-glazed windows in your property:


    Double glazing is better for the environment. Reducing the amount of energy required to heat your home in turn reduces your carbon footprint.


    Homeowners or investors who install high-quality double-glazed windows will improve the value of their property for resale. It will also help to command a higher rental yield.


    Double glazing cuts out external environmental noise – ideal for homes close to industrial or commercial activities, railways, or roadside locations. Significantly reducing the amount of noise that enters a building will enable you to create a quieter indoor environment.


    As well as reducing heat loss, double glazing acts as a barrier to keep internal temperatures more stable and comfortable in hot weather.


    Robust double glazing offers enhanced security against opportunistic intruders. This gives peace of mind to you and your family.


    Double glazing is minimal in terms of maintenance and upkeep. It is also very easy to clean in contrast to some traditional small-paned window formats.


    Our double-glazed windows are available in many different styles and designs. Expertly installed double glazing will create a strong first impression of your property. Your home will appear smart and well-maintained.

Whether you live in a period home or a property built in the mid to late 1900s, the benefits of double glazing are numerous which makes it a smart investment for homeowners, investors, and landlords.

Contact the experts and upgrade your double glazing

As we have discussed, installing energy-efficient double glazing can make a big difference to your energy bills. Minimising the amount of heat that is lost through draughty frames or single-glazed windows means that you will optimise your heating, keeping the warmth inside your home.

To view our extensive range of energy-efficient double-glazed windows, please visit our spacious showroom in Lancing, West Sussex.

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