Although most modern conservatories boast double-glazed windows, the same cannot always be said for older variants. Windows with only a single pane are prone to losing vast amounts of heat to the outside environment. As a result, the temperatures within a conservatory can drop significantly during the afternoon and evening hours. 

The Addition of Curtains and Blinds to Keep your Conservatory Warm in Winter

We are all aware that curtains provide us with a superior level of privacy alongside an aesthetic appeal. However, did you know that these same fabrics can offer an additional layer of insulation between the interior of the conservatory and the exterior environment? Blinds and curtains will enable the internal space to remain warm due to the fact that they help to prevent any existing heat from escaping. Choose warm tones such as oranges and reds in order to provide an even greater visual sense of comfort when the daylight hours dwindle to a minimum.

Carpets and Throw Rugs

Another great idea is to include a handful of throw rugs or a section of carpeting within the conservatory. Let’s keep in mind that some units are designed with wooden or stone floors. Although these are durable and visually appealing, they can also absorb cold temperatures from the underlying ground. Including a handful of plush rugs can make all of the difference in the world if you wish to avoid cold feet!

Underfloor Heating

Sometimes known as radiant heating, underfloor heating is yet another effective option. This system consists of a series of flexible pipes. Hot water is pumped through these pipes; warming the entire conservatory from the ground up. One of the most notable benefits of underfloor heating is that it will not take up any visible space within the conservatory itself. Furthermore, most contemporary systems offer the flexibility to customise temperature settings according to individual preferences, allowing you to keep your conservatory warm at specific times of the day.

Portable Heating Elements to Consider

Heating a conservatory in winter is often accomplished with the assistance of portable electric devices. Examples include high-efficiency space heaters and unobtrusive radiators. There are a host of makes and models on the market and the majority of these will not require much mains electricity to function properly. Of course, these can always be used in conjunction with the methods outlined above in order to keep your conservatory warm and toasty.

A Bit of Innovation

TKeeping your conservatory warm in winter does not require a great deal of industry expertise. On the contrary, all of the strategies highlighted throughout this article can normally be implemented within a relatively short period of time. There is no reason why your conservatory should remain vacant when the temperatures outside take a turn for the worse. To fully appreciate how easy keeping a conservatory warm in winter can be, why not speak to a professional? Give our team a call on 01903 334145 and one of our experienced advisors will be more than happy to help.

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