How To Choose The Right Windows For Your Home

Here at Benchmark Windows, we offer the ultimate range of windows for every style of home. You are sure to find the right windows for your house with us. Available in traditional and modern materials, our expertly designed windows are tailor-made for your property and will suit all budgets. Fitted with energy-efficient double or triple glazing, our products will add value to your home. Nothing says a home is well cared for more than stylish, well-fitting and tidy windows, and we can help you choose the right types of windows for your home.

Manufacturing advances have seen vast improvements in the look and efficiency of double glazed windows available, which in turn has led to a gradual upgrading of the UK’s housing stock. The Government’s research paper: English Home Survey: Energy Efficiency of English Housing 2013, states “…In 2013 the vast majority (80%) of homes were fully double glazed and a further 10% had more than half of their windows double glazed…”. This change is great for the planet and for our purse. Benchmark can help you achieve the perfect new look for your home with our considerable range of quality windows.

A matter of style

Not only can you smarten up a home with new windows, but you can also change its look entirely and significantly increase its kerb appeal by opting for a different style of fenestration. It can really update and freshen a property’s exterior, as well as improving the light inside a room.

What types of windows do I have in my house?

This is more straightforward than it sounds. Check how your windows open. If they open with a side or top hinge, they are casements. Then if when closed, they sit flush with the frame, they are flush casements. If all or part of them sits on the outside of the frame and they are slightly bigger than the opening, these are lipped casements.

If your windows open by sliding, either vertically or horizontally, they are sashes. Lastly, there are tilt and turn and you have these if you are able to open your window in two different ways; one way to open for ventilation, or open towards the inside as another. Here’s the details of our different window styles:

The casement

The flush casement sits level within the window frame and is available in timber, timber replica, aluminium and uPVC. It’s simple and classic design fits right at home with all ages and styles of property and its look can be altered to suit the addition of different types of window furniture.

Lipped casements are similar but the window slightly overlaps the opening, providing a more weathertight seal so is more suitable for exposed elevations. Equally versatile and available in different materials, this form of casement can look smart and modern or cosy and traditional.

Go frameless

Sleek and contemporary, frameless glazing offers a seamless finish allowing expanses of glass to let in maximum light without the visual interruption of a frame. Frameless glazing creates a feeling of joining your external and internal spaces. Secure and low maintenance, our frameless glazing is also highly energy-efficient and effective at reducing noise pollution.

A quieter life

Our windows are also extremely efficient at reducing any noise penetrating your home. Noise-cancelling windows are typically created by increasing the gaps between two panes of glass and are perfect for keeping out traffic noise.

Nifty tilt and turn

The tilt and turn window is a clever little design. It allows for the window to be open enough for ventilation whilst still retaining both the safety and security of your home. It can also be fully opened to the inside to allow for cleaning. Super-easy to operate and thermally efficient, tilt and turn windows are an ideal choice when considering small children or vulnerable locations.

The sliding sash

A sliding sash is when one pane slides over the other to provide an opening. Vertical sliding sashes are synonymous with Victorian and Georgian architecture and seen in abundance across the UK. Modern advances in technology have allowed for this classic style to be expertly recreated in durable and energy-efficient materials such as uPVC and aluminium, as well as traditional timber. When combined with double or triple glazing, the sliding sash provides the best of both worlds for a period property.

Horizontal sliding sashes open side to side, rather than up and down and are less common but still seen. They can be an excellent choice for older style homes or particular locations.

How to choose the right windows for your house

Choosing the right windows for your house comes down to two main considerations: the practical and the aesthetic. Thankfully, with Benchmark Windows you do not need to choose as we can happily create quality windows that cover both. Firstly decide what look you want to achieve. Windows are an important and predominant feature of your property and you need to like what you see. Do you seek a modern or contemporary look? So smart uPVC casements or even frameless windows may suit. Or do you prefer a more traditional style? In which case you may opt for a sliding sash. Perhaps you really want a little of both which can also be achieved. For example, a sliding sash made from aluminium can be an update on the classic.

You may also have planning restrictions to consider if you live in a Conservation Area or in a Listed building. Your local planning department will be able to advise on permitted styles.


If starting from scratch and purchasing windows for a new house, your options are many as there are no existing windows to match or compliment. So you can really go with your preference and what will be suitable for the style of home. Building Regulations now stipulate that all new homes are required to have double glazing but you may consider further increasing your energy efficiency by opting for triple glazing.

Our team of experts here at Benchmark Windows will be able to guide you through the options and install a quality product to make you proud of your home.

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