Choosing The Right Windows Can Alter The Feel Of A Room

Installing new windows and doors can make a real change to your home, so when it comes to deciding which type to have, you want to make sure you have considered everything carefully. With so many styles, sizes, materials and openings to pick from, choosing replacement windows can be bewildering. A good place to start is by looking at the theme or feeling you want to create in your room. Your choice of window can make a huge difference to the atmosphere in a space so consider what you want your room to feel like and how you want to use it. Some of the rooms in a home need to be quiet, tranquil spaces, such as the bedroom or study, but other rooms will be a busy hub full of noise and activity. Keep these things in mind as you decide which doors and windows will be best in your home.

If you want to create a contemporary feeling for your room, then large areas of glass will help you achieve this. Floor to ceiling windows will provide lots of light and the feeling that there is plenty of room for several people to move around in comfort. The simple, uncluttered lines of bi folding doors are modern and minimalist in design which adds to the feeling of space. These doors can provide brightness right to the back of an open-plan living area making these rooms feel vibrant and easy to work in. For something really stylish, look at black or grey coloured frames and consider a metal material for a slight industrial feel – especially great if you have some bare brickwork as part of the decor. If a whole wall of glass is too much, then two or three large areas of glazing, perhaps on two walls will also give a similar light and airy effect.

For a cosy and warm feeling, choosing replacement windows in a traditional-style can make all the difference. Wooden or UPVC frames in fresh white or heritage shades can create a homely atmosphere that makes you want to snuggle down and relax. Doors that are not glazed all the way to the floor help with a warmer atmosphere so look for designs with solid panels at the bottom. Sash windows can give a room a period feeling, even if your home is new, and as these can be produced as double-glazed units, you don’t have to compromise on energy efficiency. If your windows need to be small due to limitations in your room, choosing the right windows with white frames will help reflect the maximum amount of light into an area, so try to avoid the darker frames. To help with a cottage style, there are also bay or bow replacement windows that can add an interesting feature to an otherwise plain wall in a living room.

As a general rule, glass with any framing in them, such as Georgian-style panel windows, will add a sense of security to a room, a feeling that the outside world is being kept at a distance. This helps create a cosy atmosphere. Clear glass, on the other hand, without features to distract the eye will make it seem as if the outside and inside are joined offering a spacious and airy room that is connected to nature.

To help decide on the best windows for your home, ensure you fully understand what mood you hope to achieve and what the room will be used for in all seasons. During the cold months, you can draw the blinds to help with the feeling of warmth, and in the summertime, make sure you can open enough windows to keep the area cool and fresh.

There are lots of considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right windows for your home, so take a bit of time to look at your options. It is possible to create the room of your dreams – one you will enjoy spending time for many years to come.

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