Knowing how to choose a door for your home can be a little more difficult than it may initially appear. You will need to take into account a host of relevant factors if you hope to make the best decision. We have created this handy guide to clarify things a bit. Let us take a quick look at some important variables to address.

Embracing Logic When Choosing Doors for Your Home

It is first wise to address the basics. There are three primary questions which should be addressed:

  • What is the price of the door(s)?
  • What are the necessary dimensions?
  • What types of materials have been used within their construction?

Cost is obviously critical, as the cheapest doors might be manufactured with the use of low-quality materials; shortening their lifespan. Always be sure to take accurate measurements in order to avoid costly modifications. Finally, different materials (such as wood, uPVC and fibreglass) are associated with unique thermal properties and appearances.

Style and Aesthetic Appeal

The visual appearance of your doors will also need to be taken into account. One of the best ways to determine what is most appropriate is to examine the existing style of your home. Is it associated with a traditional flair or has it incorporated a more contemporary appeal? Be sure that the style of the door matches such qualities, as it may otherwise appear out of place. The experts at Benchmark Windows will be happy to provide you with further guidance if necessary.

Safety and Security Issues

Knowing how to correctly choose a door for your home (or even a commercial location) will partially involve the safety features which are employed. For example, certain areas of a property might be required to be equipped with a fire door. External doors will need to possess additional safety features such as a thicker construction and the ability to mount heavy-duty locks without compromising its overall design features.

What About Timber Doors?

Many homeowners tend to shy away from traditional timber doors due to the fact that they are more expensive than their composite counterparts. However, there is no doubt that the timeless elegance of this material will add value to your property. Furthermore, it is always possible to select the type of grain in order to imbue your environment with a unique visual personality.

Taking Colour Into Account

Choosing the colour of your doors is arguably one of the most challenging steps, as there are nearly limitless hues to choose from. Brighter colours can be used to provide the illusion of space while darker hues are capable of providing what can only be called an organic flavour; often suited for older homes. On a final note, keep in mind that whites and off-whites will normally require more maintenance so that stains do not become visible.

Additional Hardware Options

One aspect which is often overlooked during the buying process involves the type of hardware that is present on your door. This hardware (such as hinges, locks and handles) will have a massive impact upon the appearance of the door in question. From minimalist and post-modern to traditional and Victorian, be sure to examine all of the options at your disposal.

The Inclusion of Glass

Some door styles (such as French and patio doors) are known to incorporate large amounts of glass within their designs. This is optimum if you hope to enjoy a superior level of light throughout your home. However, external front doors comprised mainly of glass can present security and privacy issues.

It should now be clear that knowing how to choose a door involves a number of discrete steps. This is why it is a good idea to write down a checklist during the selection process. You will, therefore, be able to make an informed decision that saves time as well as money. Need a little more guidance? Get in touch with a member of our team today on 01903 756 699. We boast years of experience within the industry and we are fully capable of providing you with objective advice when the time is right.

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