When Should I Consider Getting New Windows And Doors?

There are many signs to suggest you could need new windows and doors, and here are a few to look out for. Perhaps there is a lot of noise coming in from the outside, perhaps you’re having difficulty closing your windows and doors. On top of this, any signs of rotting, leaks or a strong draft are an indication of needing to upgrade. It’s important to consider new windows and doors not only for aesthetics but also for your own security too. If your windows and doors don’t shut properly, you could be at risk of burglars. If your windows and doors are coming to the end of their life with any of these signs, consider recycling your old ones and installing new, sustainable options.

Ecofriendly windowsWhat Are Eco-Friendly Windows And Doors?

Energy-efficient windows and doors are an option many homeowners are choosing. If your windows and doors are eco-friendly, they are likely to reduce your energy bills, save you money and insulate your home properly. According to Gov.uk, houses account for 30 per cent of the UK’s total energy use with our demand for energy increasing. Therefore, making small changes like energy-efficient windows and doors can have a real impact on the environment. Choosing sustainable materials and sustainable suppliers this coming New Year will have a positive impact on both your home and the environment. 

Choosing Sustainable Materials For Your Windows And Doors

There are many materials that can be considered sustainable for different reasons. Whether you want to protect the planet or save money on your energy bills, choosing sustainable materials can benefit you and the world around you. Consider Timber, a naturally insulating material and easy to maintain, often being sourced through sustainable schemes. Aluminium windows and doors are also a strong contender, as they are a durable, energy-efficient and recyclable material. When it comes to choosing sustainable materials, we’re the company for you.

What Makes Double Glazed Windows Sustainable?

Double glazed windows are an efficient way to keep in the heat during those colder months. They stop heat from passing through and control how much sunlight travels through the glass. Double glazed windows have two sheets of glass with a gap in between.  These two sheets keep heated air in your home, reducing heat transfer. Alternatively, triple glazed windows have three sheets of glass, and two gaps, being a similarly sustainable option. We are double and triple glazed window specialists. Read more on our double and triple glazed windows here.

Ecofriendly doorsThe Impact Of Choosing A Sustainable Company

At Benchmark Windows we recognise the need to reduce our environmental impact. You can still have your windows and doors tailored to you, without ruining the aesthetics of your home, but make less of a mark on the planet. Choosing a sustainable company like Benchmark Windows means you’re choosing a company that has a strong bias towards green issues and are proud to work with a local waste recycling company that recycles over 90% of the waste created by our installations. You can still have the home you’ve always dreamed of by making environmentally conscientious decisions.

Why Should You Recycle Old Windows And Doors?

We do everything we can to stay green at Benchmark Windows, including recycling as much of our old materials as possible. Recycling old windows and doors once they’ve come to the end of their life means you can have peace of mind knowing they’re being recycled and not just rotting in a landfill. The environmental impact of recycling old windows and doors is huge. We use sustainable materials every chance we can.

Why Choose Benchmark Windows?

If you’re looking to have a clear out in the New Year and want to start by improving the environmental impact of your windows and doors, we are the sustainable company for you. At Benchmark Windows, we pride ourselves on our sustainable solutions, with less than 3% of our waste going to landfills. We make environmentally conscientious decisions with every one of our projects and consider the impact in everything we do. We have a variety of sustainable options when it comes to our window and door installations, from aluminium windows to timber doors, we can find the perfect solution for you and your home. Get in touch with a member of our specialist team in Lancing today. Call us now on 01903 337688 to discuss making your home more eco-friendly.

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