If you’re in the middle of a renovation and are searching for the perfect way to maximise space, bi-fold doors could be the ideal solution.

Providing an efficient, space-saving solution that seamlessly opens up any living or professional space, these modern doors are suitable for both domestic and commercial settings. 

Here, we share a concise, straightforward guide to bi-fold door sizes, including how they work and the benefits of choosing both internal and external bi-fold doors.

At Benchmark Windows, we’re pleased to offer our valued customers the choice of custom bi-fold doors, available in contemporary Aluminium or Engineered Oak.

 If you would like to find out more about which of our innovative, modern doors would work best in your space, please get in touch.


What Are Standard Bi-fold Door Sizes? 

The size of your bi-fold door will entirely depend on the dimensions of the wall opening you’re working with. 

In terms of standard bi-fold door sizes, for an arrangement of even-numbered doors, a single leaf frame should be at least 28 inches wide.

If you’re looking to install an odd number of doors, each leaf should be at least 16 inches wide. 

Typical bi-fold doors are 80 inches in height. When considering how bi-fold doors will look in your home, you will also need to take into account the thickness of the door, including the width of the surrounding frames. 

In general, bi-fold door frames are 3 inches thick. Choosing aluminium doors will mean your frames can be incredibly slim, without compromising on strength. 

At Benchmark Windows, we’re proud to provide outstanding aluminium bi-fold doors, offering both aesthetic appeal and unmatched durability. To find out more about our bi-fold door sizes, contact a member of our team today.


Custom Bi-fold Door Sizes

If space-saving is a must but your room openings are an unusual size, custom bi-fold doors are the perfect solution to maximise space in your home or commercial environment. 

Finding a trusted business that can design, supply and install custom bi-fold door sizes can be tricky, especially if you aren’t willing to compromise on style and aesthetics. 

At Benchmark Windows, we offer our customers a complete service, stocking a range of stunning bi-fold door styles and designs. Able to provide doors that slot seamlessly into almost any space, our planning and installation services are unmatched. 

Threshold heights can be set to your specific specifications. If required, we can also cater any of our designs to incorporate wheelchair access.

Once you’ve come to an accurate conclusion on the right bi-fold door size for you, it’s time to shift your attention to the multitude of benefits that come with finally installing bi-fold doors on your property. 


Benefits of Installing Bifold Doors


Bifold doors are designed to enclose large glass panels. In most cases, individuals can choose between double or triple glazing, keeping excessive noise out and warmth in. 

Thermal Breaks

No matter the bi-fold door size you choose, these efficient doors are designed to prevent heat from escaping from your home.

As aluminium is a natural conductor, it can both draw heat out of a room, and in from the outside. 

In order to prevent this from happening, aluminium bi-fold doors are fitted with a thermal break. This helpful tool separates the interior and exterior components of the door, restricting heat flow and providing excellent insulation. 

Security Features

Most standard bi-fold doors come fitted with a multi-point locking system. 

At Benchmark Windows, all of our doors include high-security locking mechanisms and anti-jemmy devices to provide you with complete peace of mind. 

Colour Options

Once you’ve decided on the right bi-fold door size for your space, it’s finally time for the fun part. Choosing the perfect colour. 

Bi-fold doors are available in a range of colour options, tailored to suit your unique style. Popular colours include white, black and bronze. 

Why Choose Us For
Custom Bi-fold Doors?

When you choose us for custom bi-fold door design, supply and installation, we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

If you’re looking to inject a contemporary feel into your home without compromising on practicality, our custom bi-fold doors are the ideal option for you. 

As well as the benefits already listed, our bi-fold doors offer: 

  • Superior engineering
  • Inward or outward openings
  • Toughened or laminated glass
  • Argon filled units
  • Low maintenance costs

If you’d like to find out more about how to choose the right bi-fold door size for your space, please get in touch with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members who will be more than happy to assist. 

To enquire about our superior custom bi-fold doors or any of our other window and door solutions, call us on 01903 337785 and secure your new doors today.

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